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Stuck In Customs

Stuck In Customs

Just spent thStuck In Customse morning devouring articles from this site. Was blown away by the dynamic header and the amount of valuable desktop space it took up. Trey Ratcliff is heavily into HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. How to create that memory of a scene the way you remember it and yet your photographs so often disappoint after. As Mr. Ratcliff says in his tutorial…

“Cameras, by their basic-machine-nature, are very good at capturing “images”, lines, shadows, shapes — but they are not good at capturing a scene the way the mind remembers and maps it. When you are actually there on the scene, your eye travels back and forth, letting in more light in some areas, less light in others, and you create a “patchwork-quilt” of the scene. Furthermore, you will tie in many emotions and feelings into the imagery as well, and those get associated right there beside the scene. Now, you will find that as you explore the HDR process, that photos can start to evoke those deep memories and emotions in a more tangible way. It’s really a wonderful way of “tricking” your brain into experiencing much more than a normal photograph.”

Click here to visit Stuck In Customs. 4th on Lake Austin Trey Ratcliff

Trey has range of cameras he recommends for this sort of work. He’s a bit of a Nikon man. He starts with  the Canon G11 and then works up through an increasingly more expensive but beautiful selection of Nikons, ending with the model he uses. If you want to see the full article and why he likes them, click here. The cameras  themselves can be seen below if you fancy buying one.

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