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Pop Art Tutorial


There are many Photoshop tutorials out there with help on creating different finishes and effects. This one whizzes through one way of creating a Pop Art image.

The video

I like the way he demonstrates very quickly with no messing around. You do have to watch his cursor closely to see precisely what he’s clicking on, because he doesn’t always tell you. But I have made quick notes to support this video which you can have to one side as well, whilst you chose your own image and work your way through the process. Give it a go – if you’ve got Photoshop that is.

Pop Art Images from Photoshop

  • Select image and duplicate
  • Image > adjustments > invert
  • Filter > blur > Gaussian blur > select radius about 7 ish
  • Change blending mode (on Layer window) to ‘colour dodge’
  • Change threshold (bottom of Layer window) jiggy it round until happy with detail – here set at 240
  • New layer > blending mode to Multiply – label skin and choose colour – paint bucket
  • Duplicate background > move to top > this to be ‘hair’, so change colour > filter > sketch > halftone pattern – size 2 contrast 50 – blending mode to either ‘overlay’ or ‘multiply’
  • New layer – Lips – blending to ‘multiply’ – red, zoom in and hide other layers to see what you’re doing
  • New layer – eye whites – blending mode to ‘overlay’ – white (erase any other section you don’t want so they can shine through)
  • New layer – eye colour – blending tool to ‘multiply’ – blue
  • Can change colours though ‘saturation’ if not happy
  • Can change background colour – blending mode to either ‘overlay’ or ‘multiply’.

I find it really useful seeing other people’s videos and watching how they use Photoshop. Everyone has their favourite techniques, sequences and ways of building up layers. I’d like to build up a library of different videos or written tutorials from which any of us could select the approaches that best fit the way we would like to work.

How useful was this for you?
Do you know of other tutorials that would help with making Pop Art images?

Please make a comment or suggestion. I would find it really useful with my work.

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  1. Foto_clipping avatar

    Thanks for clear explanation of each step..

  2. Foto_clipping avatar

    I’m always interested in pop art design…And eagerly want to learn this technique.This tutorial may help a lot.

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