Illyria and the Three Musketeers – Huzzah!

Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers

This is a somewhat belated recommendation, as the season has ended, but should this  speedy romp ever energetically throw itself near your doorstep, then make sure you clasp your overflowing goblet close to your chest, ensure your preferred means of defence – sword, dagger, pistol – is well oiled and grab the nearest lusty knave or wench (why not both) to accompany you on this breathless journey. They don’t stop. There’s fight scene after acrobatic fight scene. Everyone on stage has a magical ability to transform themselves utterly. There was literally a cast of thousands, well hundreds, as the three Musketeers and D ‘Artagnan fought the Cardinal’s men. Amazing what can be done with a a couple of beards and a moustache.

Favourite funny bits?

  • All four in D ‘Artagnan’s cramped open air room needing to step out side to cry One for All…
  • Duke of Buckingham
  • The guys – they’re just so cool
  • Baggy boots
  • Eavesdropping the Cardinal's evil plans
    Eavesdropping the Cardinal’s evil plans

    Mme. Bonacieux’s flirtatious luring of D ‘Artagnan

  • King Louis XIII’s fear of Balls
  • Stunningly accurate knife throwing – every one landing in the middle of the forehead, amazing.
  • Horses
  • D’Arty’s summersault
  • Wicked Laughs
  • Battle of Crecy – defeating the English during breakfast
  • Sword fight 1, 2, 3
  • Duke of Buckingham
  • Frying pan fights 1, 2, 3
  • Sister Maria in the Convent
  • Beheading…

I must know, there must be other Musketeer devotees out there – What did you think?

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