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Film: The Last Lap – Help!

Over a year ago I took the plunge and decided to try out an MA for size, purely on the grounds that it was self indulgent and dovetailed into the demands of teaching and the changing face of the curriculum (pre-election – of course). Well, I’m delighted to say I have survived so far. I have completed four modules and could drop out now with a commendable Diploma for my troubles. But I feel I need to go on. Get it finished. What an achievement that would be! Bloody hell. An MA.

It has been self indulgent, but as with many courses of this nature, being given the time to reflect on what you enjoy, why you enjoy it, and remembering the last time you did this was probably at uni, is the biggest treat of the whole process. I would never have taken the time to redevelop an interest in photography without this course. I would never have spent the time needed to develop my skills with Photoshop to the degree they are at present. I would not have questioned where I was going with my paintings and where my interests really lie. There are so many things that I have been privileged to rekindle, begin and think upon, which would have been out of the question. So many silly little attempts that failed miserably. So many chance happenings that my eyes where more open to because I had started to think about looking for them – again. When did it happen that a creative and flexible job like teaching became the trap that it is today? Don’t get me wrong, There is a lot about teaching that is creative – for me, most especially the performances. But without those moments, when I can put that hat on, I would have died inwardly years ago. And fortunately, I had a class that were wonderfully open to trying out different ways of working. They looked for ‘creative’ ways to ‘do’ work.

But now its back to the serious project. The last, big, final reflection. And despite my interest in painting and portraits, I have found that the main focus I will be exploring, with various groups around my school, will be film. Film or video. Recording for a whole host of reasons and how we use it in the class room, how we use it for our selves, creating films, animations, whatever.

We have a film club, where we can watch a variety of films and of course, there have been plenty of Bug’s Lives, and Bolts, and other animations to watch. But developing a wish list of more unusual films has been an interesting trip.  Some suggested ‘Born Free’ so we watch that. The film club were so interested in it we watched the follow up film, ‘Living Free’. I would never have expected that group to have had the patience for a film of that pace. They loved it.

We’ve also made our own short films – another big learning curve as here was a whole new language to learn. And the field is so enormous.

This is were I’m asking you to make a contribution 🙂

I want to know which were your favourite childhood films. Make a list and add them to the comment box below. I know the font is faint in there, but I would love to compile a list of favourites.

Also do any of you have experience of making films?

At home? How did you edit?

Did you ever do that cine thing!

Please comment on your film past. Reflections essential!

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