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Don’t Miss This Opportunity… Oh, go on then…

Have decided to take the plunge back into murky academic waters again, It’s a bit scary, I have to say. Although the reason I chose this course was because it seemed totally self-indulgent and not in the least wordy. Creative Teacher – what an excellent way to reflect the creative curriculum, (how many boxes does that tick? –oh, and the brownie points…) and be completely selfish at the same time, thought I.
The paper, Postgraduate Professional Development: Creative Teacher, was shown to me in the staff room – my friend often does this to me – very casually – you could do that – and, yes, it did look interesting. But, as I’m sure so many other teachers will agree, It’s just another bloody piece of paper to file away or make a momentary decision about, in the course of a decision riddled day. Most of the time I leave these pieces of paper to fester in some pile until their sell buy date has well and truly expired, allowing me the privilege of no decision. But this piece of paper just kept bobbing up to the surface and winking at me.

Weekly non-contact time would crawl round and in the allotted shift I would sift through the backlog of mail and find myself making time to actually scan beyond the enticing ‘Don’t miss this opportunity, apply now!’ This might actually be something that could be meaningful to me, and, I can’t stress how important this and is, and not bore me to death with dissertations. Statements like ‘assessment via portfolio’ ‘written work or it’s equivalent – presentation/exhibition’ were music to my ears.
My friend and I were discussing how wonderful it would be to go back to college and just listen and not have to do all those laborious essays. Only do when really interested. How many people have you come across who have just finished – in particular – their English degree, A level, whatever, a subject they really thought they loved, and didn’t want to do anything with it again? Their love for reading or writing analysed out of existence. That is such a crying shame.
That’s why I’m somewhat nervous. On paper this course does look good and after the initial meeting I’m still feeling eager to press on. There are plenty of get out of jail cards to play. I can ‘rest’ after earning a PG certificate, or later with a diploma. But if I find the creative juices haven’t been altogether squished I can progress to the heady heights of MA. If I’m good enough. Well, we’ll see.
My other doubt, and this is one that was mooted by many who were there at the first meeting, is the all encompassing, exponential nature of teaching, subsuming all attempts at work/life balance. Really have to work hard to find the other you. It makes me feel how important it is to be selfish and seek out those opportunities to do something for your self.
OMG. I’m going to be a student again. I’ll get a bona fide card and everything. Wow!

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