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Dizzying effects of 3D Street Artist Eduardo Relero

Street Art

Recently found this fabulous selection of images of the Argentinian Eduardo Relero’s 3D street art. He has painted in various cities around the world. But most of these have all been shot in Spain.Interesting that in each of these pictures you can see simple fencing has been put in place around them. This is public space he’s working in. Why do we not ever see similar thinking protecting any Banksy’s and still need to fight to save them?Of course it’s all a question of perspective. It does depend on where you are standing as to whether you get the joke or not. The anamorphosis in question makes you, the onlooker, move to get the best view, just as you have to in the National Gallery. [P1000880cotillasdeladoparaw.gif]

Whether you can place yourself into the fun or whether they make you the onlooker think upon your place in society, it’s worth the leap out of the mundane which good street art gives us.

3D Mural painted by Eduardo Relero called, ├ČBuscador de cordialidad├« in Gandia, Spain: Eduardo Relero's Incredible 3D Art

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