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Iconic Images: Dali Atomicus

Dali Atomicus

Dali Atomicus
Lovely short film about the story behind this famous image taken in collaboration with Salvador Dali. The Photograph was taken by Phillipe Halsman who worked closely with Dali constructing many “outrageous” images.  It’s title is Dali Atomicus and his idea was to celebrate Dali’s painting, Leda Atomica (seen on the right) take the word atomicus in its literal meaning, putting everything in  suspension. So after hanging certain elements from invisible wires it was decided that three cats and a bucket of water needed to be added to complete the composition. It took 26 takes before Halsman was satisfied.

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Reflections – Photographs of Liverpool

Liverpool - Sail

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any photographs of Liverpool, so I’ve put together a small collection of some of my favourites. I have made these availble for sale in the shop if you would like to take a closer look.

Other interesting art work in Liverpool, in its biennial, can also be found here.

Liverpool - Sail

Liverpool Pier Head

Liverpool Pier Head – The Liver Building and Birds

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Sharp Art Photography

4th Plinth

I’m starting to build up a new Photography section and have started with cityscapes of London.

Had the most glorious, crisp evening walking down from Trafalgar Square down to Waterloo Bridge. The Forth Plinth was playing resident to a piece called ‘Powerless Structures Fig. 101’ by Elmgreen and Dragset. Cast in bronze it mirrors the more traditional statues but as its subject is a young boy playing on his rocking horse, the gallantry depicted here is of a potential one in the future, not of past conquests. The warm colour as the sun was setting and the sky’s violet made a fabulous contrast. Continue reading Sharp Art Photography

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Crosby Beach

Feet in Relief by Janice Sharp

Crosby Beach, 11.30 ish? Sunday 20th May – beautiful. Quiet, warm, very gentle breeze. Just had to take my shoes off and walk along the water’s edge. Often call by to see how the Iron Men are doing (Antony Gormley’s Another Place) and it’s generally more interesting with strong clouds and weather. Today, however, was bright and hazy. Couldn’t see Wales at all. But lovely. A wonderful opportunity for some photography. Here are some shots.

Feet in Relief by Janice Sharp






When looking back at this photograph of my feet, I liked the play with light – is it coming from the right or left?

I liked the more abstract elements in the picture with the steps- strong diagonals contrasted with the softer, more flowing tones of the waves.

Paddling by Janice Sharp

This image reminded me of Lowry and his silhouetted figures. Each figure seems to be in an isolated state. I loved the little boy pondering the water moving around him – it’s so calm you can’t even call them waves.

I wasn’t looking to focus on the Iron Men, but you can just see some of them emerging from the water in the distance.

For more images, click SharpArt Photography.



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Artists Wanted: Pete Eckert

Absolutely amazing portrait of an amazing and unassuming man. Beautiful concepts, ethereal; I loved this.

| Artists Wanted | In Focus : Pete Eckert from Artists Wanted on Vimeo.

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Art of Motion

This is just fun.

Have been looking at stop-motion animation quite a bit recently and this cropped up.

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Just Like Heaven – through the camera’s lens and the mind’s eye. – Pictory

Just Like Heaven – Our happiest places, through the camera’s lens and the mind’s eye. – Pictory.

Passing Smile Photographer: Garret Clarke

A Passing Smile

“After weeks of traveling alone through Sri Lanka, I found myself on an old train high up in the Ceylon Mountains. This passing smile from a woman on another train encapsulated the unmistakable feeling of joy I had experienced during the previous weeks.”

Photographer: Garret Clarke

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Infrastructure – The underpinnings that make civilization civilized. – Pictory

Infrastructure – The underpinnings that make civilization civilized. – Pictory.

Prime Movers, Hamburg Photographer: Ben Held

Fabulous, fabulous images.

This by Photographer: Ben Held

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Pop Art Tutorial


There are many Photoshop tutorials out there with help on creating different finishes and effects. This one whizzes through one way of creating a Pop Art image.

The video

I like the way he demonstrates very quickly with no messing around. You do have to watch his cursor closely to see precisely what he’s clicking on, because he doesn’t always tell you. But I have made quick notes to support this video which you can have to one side as well, whilst you chose your own image and work your way through the process. Give it a go – if you’ve got Photoshop that is.

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Stuck In Customs – Again…

4th on Lake Austin Trey Ratcliff

Being Stuck in Customs is not such a bad thing, really. Especially when there is a new product being released – their HDR  (High Dynamic Range ) tutorial DVD containing over 6 hours of instructional workshops specially edited to teach anyone of any skill level how to create amazing images with HDR.

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