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British Library – My First Bookbinding Course

I was very excited to escape on a trip down to London and take part in a bookbinding course at the British Library.

Entrance to the British Library
Entrance to the British Library

I’m ashamed to say that I had never been to the British Library before this, it being so close to Euston Station, my first port of call when in London. We were in the Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre where workshops are held, and our two days were led by Shelagh McCarthy, a regular at leading workshops at both the British Library and other London Institutions including the British Museum, Battersea Arts Centre and The Guardian Education Centre.

Down by the Harry M Weinrebe Centre
Down by the Harry M Weinrebe Centre

The object of the course was to give us a taster of the skills needed to make books. We learned about how books are made, their different structures, the terminology, grain of paper and its importance, all through constructing a range of different types of books.

Our busy workstations - all materials provided!
Our busy workstations – all materials provided!

We started with a simple pamphlet, moved on to concertina books, Japanese Stab bindings, a simple coptic style book, and on the Sunday a full casement bound book. And within all this we were also privileged to visit parts of the conservation centre and talk to one of the many conservation experts working there. So, a very busy weekend!

Casement bound book
Casement bound book

It was such an inspiring trip. I managed to get round to the open-to-the-public exhibition and found at this time they had one of Shakespeare’s first folios on display in amongst so many other priceless works.

All the books we made during our intensive two day workshop.
All the books we made during our intensive two day workshop.
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The Imperfect Perfections of the Spanish Forger


The Spanish Forger

was an unknown artisan who fooled the art world in the early part of the 20th century creating medieval artwork, specifically miniatures. Using original parchment and sometimes scraping the  words from the leaves of genuine medieval books, he created many forgeries that are still found in museums around the world. To date, about 200 pieces have been identified as belonging to the Spanish Forger. What is surprising is that now these pieces earn  a respectable price in the auction houses in their own right. His notoriety was such that his work was the subject of an exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York City in 1978.

Belle da Costa Greene

Medieval culture scholar from the British Library, Mary Wellesley, has made a fascinating detective-like film about the woman who uncovered his deception, Belle da Costa Greene. This intriguing lady was not averse to keeping secrets – her own true identity was kept hidden from the wider world too. It was Greene who felt that the perfect ‘sugary’ world depicted felt out of place in a world where pious and pensive were more appropriate than sweet and cloying.

Watch this cleverly made film for more on Greene and the Spanish Forger.

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Iconic Images: Dali Atomicus

Dali Atomicus

Dali Atomicus
Lovely short film about the story behind this famous image taken in collaboration with Salvador Dali. The Photograph was taken by Phillipe Halsman who worked closely with Dali constructing many “outrageous” images.  It’s title is Dali Atomicus and his idea was to celebrate Dali’s painting, Leda Atomica (seen on the right) take the word atomicus in its literal meaning, putting everything in  suspension. So after hanging certain elements from invisible wires it was decided that three cats and a bucket of water needed to be added to complete the composition. It took 26 takes before Halsman was satisfied.

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Venetian Carnival gets Underway

Venice_Carnival_MasksThousands of revellers flock to the Italian city of Venice for the start of one of the world’s oldest carnivals. Macheranda Grand Ball -> 07 Feb #2016 music, fantasy, entertainments #venicecarnival— Venice Carnival (@carnival_venice) January 20, 2016 As well as the many floating displays the 18-day event will includes balls in Venetian palaces… Continue reading Venetian Carnival gets Underway
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Moco Museum in Amsterdam with Banksy and Warhol

AMSTERDAM, March 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Modern Contemporary – aka, Moco Museum will open its doors to the public at the end of March. The opening exhibition will combine works of art by Pop Art-protagonist Andy Warhol and Street Art-legend Banksy. The new museum for modern and contemporary art located on the Museum Square in Amsterdam wants… Continue reading Moco Museum in Amsterdam with Banksy and Warhol

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London and Moscow iconic art swap

modest mussorgsky
You’ve heard of a book swap; what about an art swap? Well, that is what’s been painstakingly arranged between  London’s National Portrait Gallery and the State Tretyakov Gallery
modest mussorgsky - part of art swap
Ilya Repin’s portrait of Modest Mussorgsky, painted 1881 – part of the art swap.

in Moscow. Both are marking their 160th anniversary this year and have decided to celebrate by swapping treasures in one of the visual arts’ biggest UK-Russian cultural exchanges. The importance of the event is reflected by the stellar nature of some of the loans, including a national…

Continue reading London and Moscow iconic art swap
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Step Into Virtual Reality of Salvador Dali’s Imagination

What do you get when you mix Salvador Dali‘s surreal art with Disney’s entertainment creativity? The ability to go inside one of Dali’s paintings and explore the surreal surroundings from every angle. The video below details”Dreams of Dali” a virtual reality art exhibit at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. GET THE GOOD NEWS FROM… Continue reading Step Into Virtual Reality of Salvador Dali’s Imagination

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Frankfurt gallery celebrates paintings of Joan Miro

The Farm by Joan Miro
Early painting of the farm where Jean Miro spent his childhood – a kaleidoscopic painting brimming with detail.

Frankfurt (dpa) – A major exhibition of Catalan painter Joan Miro spanning over half a century of his works opens in Frankfurt on Friday. The exhibition showcases 50 of the Barcelona-born artist’s paintings and demonstrates his departure from the traditional rules of painting, organizers of the display at Frankfurt’s Schirn Kunsthalle said Thursday. “It’s an exhibition… Continue reading Frankfurt gallery celebrates paintings of Joan Miro

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Art UK – Online Platform Launches The Nation’s Art

Art UK
Art UK - online platformLaunching today, February 24, 2016 Art UK ( is the next step in the realisation of an ambitious vision – to create universal access through an online platform to the UK’s public art collection. A collaboration involving 3,000+ public collections, this revolutionary project, unique in the world in its scale and ambition, puts the  UK at the forefront of digital innovation. Art UK will give audiences at home and abroad unprecedented access to the UK’s public art collection, much of which is not normally on view.

Art UK – an immersive experience

For students, teachers, tourists and anyone interested in art or its subject matter, Art UK is a truly immersive online experience.

Art UK launches with the nation’s entire collection of publicly-owned oil paintings – over 200,000 in number. From this summer, watercolours, drawings and artworks in other media, already digitised, will be progressively added by Art UK Partner Collections.

In 2017, Art UK will start work on photographing the nation’s collection of sculpture from the last thousand years, some of it in 3D.  The Heritage Lottery Fund has already earmarked £2.8m towards this. Art UK is now raising further funds.

Art UK gives the British public unprecedented access to the art they own. It encourages audiences, young and old, to look at art in pursuit of their interests using thousands of tags created by members of the public. Guest contributors from all walks of life will help Art UK tell the stories behind artworks. The BBC will curate content from Art UK on and encourage its audiences to find out more by visiting Art UK.

On Art UK anyone can become a curator, create online exhibitions and share the art they discover with friends and colleagues across social media. They are also asked to turn Art Detective and help collections identify missing artist attributions and sitter names. There have already been exciting discoveries in this area including previously unknown paintings by Van Dyckand Gainsborough.

The first website with the aim of reflecting an entire nation’s collection of art, Art UK offers extensive links and pathways to learn more about the nation’s art. Links to Oxford University Press’s suite of online products give UK public library cardholders free access to 55,000 biographies in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, as well as content from Grove Art Online.

Art UK is also a resource for tourists with an interest in art, who can plan visits to destinations around the UK, building itineraries around particular artists or collections. Hundreds of Partner Collection events and exhibition listings are provided by Culture 24.

Early Vision

An early version of the site was published on under the name ‘Your Paintings’.  Over almost five years the website gained a regular audience of some 300,000 visitors per month.  Building on the success of Your Paintings and responding to the needs of audiences and collections, Art UK has been developed by the Public CatalogueFoundation – now also renamed Art UK. The Art UK platform will be operated on behalf of 3,000+ UK public collections allowing them all to reap the benefits of scale and technology. Joining the public collections online are a number of important private collections, including, for example, all the Oxford Colleges. Other important private collections will be invited to join.

The Art UK Shop will open this summer to generate much-needed income for the Partner Collections through the sales of prints and other merchandise. To date over 500 collections have signed up to ART UK as Partner Collections, paying a subscription and benefitting from the promotion and income-generating potential opened up by the site.

Art UK - the nation's artArt UK represents a collaboration involving thousands of participating collections, the BBC, funders, universities and other institutions. Notable among these are Culture 24, Oxford University Press, the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, Glasgow University, the Visual Geometry Group at Oxford University and the Citizens Science Alliance based at the Astrophysics Department, University of Oxford.

The Cost

The cost of building the Art UK website was principally borne by Arts Council England with additional funding from the Scottish Government and a private charitable trust.  The Partner Collections and corporate and individual Benefactors will play a key role alongside other funders and commercial income in ensuring Art UK is sustainable. The content of the Art UK website is the result of many years of digitisation undertaken by the Public Catalogue Foundation mostly with private funding.

The Art UK website was built by the London-based agency Keepthinking.

Art UK is now live at ht

The Art UK video starring Bob and Roberta Smith is available for download:

High-resolution images are available for download:


Andrew Ellis, Director, Art UK, said today:

“We are immensely proud of the progress we have made in democratising access to the UK’s art collection. We are particularly grateful to our partners, the nation’s art collections, and to the many funders and supporters who have made this transformative project possible. Our ambition now is to add many more artworks, in a variety of media, to the Art UK platform and inspire audiences to engage with them and, where possible, visit them for real.”

Bob and Roberta Smith, Artist and Art UK Trustee, said:

“Through our public collections we all own art.”

The Hon Ed Vaizey, Minister of State, Department of Culture, Media and Sport, said:

“Art UK is a fantastic example of using innovation and technology to make art accessible to all. The UK is home to world-class collections and I hope that this project encourages even more people around the world to enjoy our great cultural offering.”

Fiona Hyslop MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs, Scottish Government, said:

“Art UK is a great example of what can be achieved through joint working and collaboration, delivering a level of public access and interaction with the nation’s collections, and a level of exposure for smaller bodies and collections, which could never be achieved by bodies working on their own.  The Scottish Government continues to be very supportive of this and I commend Art UK on the significant progress they have made.”

Tony Hall, Director General, BBC, said:

“I’m thrilled we’re working with some of our country’s finest institutions to bring Britain’s art collections to everyone.  The launch of Art UK is another example of an open BBC, backing a visionary idea and working in partnership to make it happen.  We’ve been working hand in hand with so many talented people – and the results look amazing.”

Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chairman of Arts Council England, said:

“The new Art UK website is a stunning example of how digital technology can make art available for everyone to enjoy. It means that anyone can now sift through our nation’s entire collection of oil paintings without leaving their armchair. For those inspired, though, to look at the real thing, it also tells you which paintings you can see at your own local museum or art gallery. With exciting plans to add sculpture and other types of art work, Art UK will offer a growing feast of art for people to enjoy and be inspired by for years to come.”

Caroline Nokes, Chair of the Speakers Advisory Committee on Works of Art, House of Commons, said:

“The public’s relationship with art is changing in response to the digital age, and Art UK will play a crucial role in driving that change.  The public can now have access to public collections no matter where they are, all are open for universal viewing, and I am pleased that six hundred and fifty works from the Parliamentary Art Collection are already available through Art UK.   We are delighted to host today’s launch of Art UK in the House of Commons and to continue our relationship with their project.”

Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate, said:

“The development of the Public Catalogue Foundation from publishing well-produced books to the digital offer of ‘Your Paintings’ and now Art UK is an impressive achievement. An imaginative start-up has become a vital part of the arts infrastructure, making it possible to find and to find out about paintings in more than three thousand public collections. I welcome the ambition to broaden the scope of the project from paintings to sculpture and other forms of visual art.”

Gabriele Finaldi, Director of the National Gallery, said:

“No other country has online access to such an extensive database of paintings as is provided by Art UK. That makes it unique in an international context, and I am delighted that the National Gallery’s paintings are available and searchable in this way alongside so many others from British collections. ”

Dr. Stephen Bury, Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian, The Frick Collection, New York, said:

“Art UK’s innovative combination of digitized collections and crowdsourcing transforms art

history and history itself. If only the USA had such a thing.”

Kim Mawhinney, Head of Art, National Museums Northern Ireland, said:

“Some projects have the capacity to be epoch-making and the development of Art UK may be such a moment in terms of access to art. The transition from ‘Your Paintings’ to ‘Art UK’ is undoubtedly a transformation and offers a unique window to the public collections of art across the nations and regions within the UK. It is wonderful that art from across Northern Ireland is a strong contribution to the sum of all the collections presented through this new digital platform.  Those who visit the site will find something very special, engaging and enriching.”

David Anderson, Director General of Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum Wales, said:

“Being part of initiatives such as Art UK is vitally important for Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales. We exist to share Wales’ national collections, including our world-class art collection, with new and existing audiences to encourage a greater awareness of, and interest in Wales’culture and heritage.

The digital platform, Art UK, will help us reach people close to home and internationally who would never have considered visiting our Museums before. Not only will it open up access to people who want to browse and enjoy Welsh art collections, it will also be a valuable resource for schools and family learning, as well as an academic research tool. It also has potential to open up further retail opportunities, which is becoming increasingly important for museums across the sector.”

Rebecca Hill, Exhibitions and Collections Coordinator, Gallery Oldham, said:

“The availability of our works online is an excellent tool to counter the commonly held myth that works of art in store are “hidden”. Over the past four years we have seen a steady increase in the number of enquiries about our oil paintings, with many of those enquiring directly citing Your Paintings (Art UK’s predecessor) as their first point of contact with our collections. I am thrilled that Art UK will soon include our collection’s artworks in other media, thus increasing awareness of these.”

Dr Simon Chaplin, Director of Culture & Society, Wellcome Trust, said:

“The Wellcome Trust is delighted to support Art UK by funding the partnership fees all UK medical collections for 3 years. We would like to celebrate the quality and diversity of these collections, many of which had not been catalogued before the Public Catalogue Foundation started its work. Enabling over 250 UK hospitals, medical archives and clinics the opportunity to join Art UK as a partner will allow them to continue to share their collections with the widest possible audience, and create new opportunities for partnership and projects which promote public engagement with medical heritage”.

Lauren Marshall, Hall Manager & Audience Development Officer, The York Company of Merchant Adventurers, said:

“Art UK is a vital resource for smaller collections and our visitors. It allows us to achieve things, which simply would not be possible on our own. It enables us to reach new audiences across the UK and internationally, highlighting the range and breadth of our collections. It also provides smaller collections with a platform for interaction and discussion, not just with other organisations but with art experts, academic institutions and the general public, enabling us to share and disseminate knowledge like never before.”

Tim Barton, Managing Director of Global Academic at Oxford UniversityPress, said:

“We are delighted to have formed a partnership with the Public Catalogue Foundation. Through their site Art UK, which replaces BBC Your Paintings, biographies from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and content from Grove Art Online will complement and enhance the experience of public art for anyone wanting to find out more via their public library membership.”

Emma Baudey, EMEA Arts and Culture manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said:

“As a leading corporate supporter of the arts we are especially keen to increase public access to the vast amount of art across the UK. With this in mind, we are pleased to be a founding benefactor of Art UK. Projects such as this reach tens of thousands of people not just in this country but around the globe, and are key to demonstrating how the arts can be made more accessible and sustainable for the long term. We hope to contribute to the ongoing public debate around these key issues by partnering with like-minded organisations to support Art UK.”

Media Enquiries: Jane Quinn / Dennis Chang, Bolton & Quinn, +44(0)20-7221-5000, /


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Looted Pissarro to return to France

ShepherdessBringingInSheepA painting by Camille Pissarro will return to a Jewish family in France, whose art collection was looted by the Nazis in 1941, a lawyer who led the negotiations said. Meyer is the adoptive daughter of late businessman Raoul Meyer, who was co-owner of the French retail company that owns the upscale department store chain Galeries Lafayette.…

Continue reading Looted Pissarro to return to France