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Kate and Jay
Kate and Jay

SharpArtOnline paint completely original pieces of contemporary artwork in any design. We specialise in creating paintings personally crafted for our clients and offer a variety of genre for every taste. Our most popular paintings are Pop Art Portraits made famous through the Andy Warhol portraits of the 1960s and the comic strip art of Roy Lichtenstein.

And Yes, we paint personalised pop art portraits from photos, click here to see how Your Pop Art works!

Portraits are very personal to us and when you come across a photograph that is special and captures a moment, then turning it in to a painting is the biggest statement you can make. Most of these have been special gifts, for birthdays or Christmas. We can hand paint group or family portraits as well as single sitters.

These paintings have been the most rewarding for us. And the feedback has been amazing!

We are a mother and daughter team who are trained artists. We have both worked individually for some time. Kate, on set design and specialist commissions for theatres, and I have a degree in art and have painted intermittently over the last 25 years. We have decided to join forces and work on images that particularly interest us and are fun to create.

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Example of Kate's Work
The Rivals - wigsWigs sculpted from paper, crafted to fit each actor’s head for a recent production of The Rivals.

The painting of Ibsen used in the play Hedda Gabler.
Ibsen - Hedda Gabler
Example of Janice's Work
The Birth of VenusA copy of Botticelli’s Venus

and close up…
Venus detail
Michelangelo's DavidA Mural of Michelangelo’s David

and close up...
David detail

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  1. I’m going to order something as soon as I get a job! Congratulations and much success!!!


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