Kate and Jay
Kate and Jay

SharpArtOnline began as a collaboration between me, Janice, and my daughter, Kate. We worked mostly on acrylic paintings on canvas and particularly in a pop art type style. Over time our interests have shifted into other artistic disciplines.

Janus Masks

Kate and her partner, Harvey, now have established a successful business in mask making. They have spent years developing and finessing the same skills that the Venetian Mask-makers use. They make stunning ranges of masks that vary from Commedia Dell’arte, Woodland animals, to Fantastical creatures and Game-lore. Kate and Harvey have also used the same techniques to make nostalgic hot air balloons with a touch of Victoriana.

If you would like to look at their work click on this link to their Etsy account called Janus Masks and here on their Instagram account too.

Three masks from the Janus Mask collection

Telltale Bookbinding

I, on the other hand, have devoted a lot of time to the art of bookbinding. It started in earnest when I took part in workshops at the British Library. I loved the process so much, I too opened an Esty account: Telltale Bookbinding and my own Instagram. I make a variety of books, mostly Coptic bindings, but also Casement books and Japanese Stab bindings to name a few. Learning about the construction of books lead me down the rabbit hole of other skills that accompany this, such as marbling, printing, calligraphy and illumination.

Some of the books and illumination I create

Kate, Harvey and I still work together and have both begun to learn about Illumination, the art of adding gold leaf to artwork. This revitalised and returned us to our love of painting again, but this time with watercolour and gouache and by necessity, different styles of work have emerged.

I wanted to update this website and use it as an umbrella for all the work we are currently involved with. I hope the categories in the site help to show the different aspects of our work and are easy for you to follow.

If you have any suggestions on how we could improve the site, any comments on the work we do or have any queries, drop us a line at studio@SharpArtOnline.com

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Example of Kate's Work
The Rivals - wigsWigs sculpted from paper, crafted to fit each actor’s head for a recent production of The Rivals.

The painting of Ibsen used in the play Hedda Gabler.
Ibsen - Hedda Gabler
Example of Janice's Work
The Birth of VenusA copy of Botticelli’s Venus

and close up…
Venus detail
Michelangelo's DavidA Mural of Michelangelo’s David

and close up...
David detail

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