Dig out your favourite pictures and send them to us.

We make Pop Art from photos!

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Portrait - Peaches and Mo

  1. Send your idea for your personal painting and we can take it from there. Once we have your photo we will create a number of different images and send them to you with their costings.
  2. Then you choose and pay for the one you prefer. Let us know if there’s a time limit for a birthday or anniversary,  so we can prioritise as best we can.
  3. We get on with creating an original Pop Art Portrait for you, wrap it and send it ASAP!

Dig out those golden oldies and either send them to us – you can do this registered post, so we collect them safely, or scan them yourself to a good quality – at least 300 dpi – or collect your latest photos and email them to us.

Some Personalized Gift Ideas we have completed:

  • group family portraits
  • senior portraits
  • young children and baby portraits
  • couples on special occasions
  • individual portraits
  • leaving gifts

We try our very best to ensure that the palette we use is as true to the image supplied, however there will be slight differences and an element of artistic license as the artist works on the piece. There can be differences in colour projection between computers and monitors so please be aware that we are working to the colours on our monitors or from a particular hard copy.

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