Beatle’s artist Blake showing at Bridlington

Beatles artist Blake showing at gallery – Local – Beverley Guardian.

This is quite a coo for Gallery 49, in Bridlington. The whole space will be devoted to  signed limited edition prints by Sir Peter Blake and other RA friends.

Peter Blake is perhaps most famous for his collage work and especially the cover he made for the Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. But he had hit the Pop Art scene long before that, emerging in the 1950s and becoming one of the best known Pop Artists by the early 60’s exhibiting along side David Hockney and R.B. Kitaj. At that time he sourced images from advertisements and music hall entertainment and was always interested in the juxtaposition of collage and use of popular images with fine art. Continue reading Beatle’s artist Blake showing at Bridlington


I have just recently seen this amazing play by Jez Butterworth in the run up to the Tony’s where it is nominated for six awards. I believe there were some small alterations to the script for the American audience of this very English play with very English issues and yet they were nevertheless, laughing until they were crying.

Mark Rylance plays Johnny ‘Rooster’ Byron and if this man doesn’t receive his Tony I don’t know what an actor has to do. It is an outstanding performance. A mesmerizing tour Continue reading Jerusalem

Just Like Heaven – through the camera’s lens and the mind’s eye. – Pictory

Just Like Heaven – Our happiest places, through the camera’s lens and the mind’s eye. – Pictory.

Passing Smile Photographer: Garret Clarke

A Passing Smile

“After weeks of traveling alone through Sri Lanka, I found myself on an old train high up in the Ceylon Mountains. This passing smile from a woman on another train encapsulated the unmistakable feeling of joy I had experienced during the previous weeks.”

Photographer: Garret Clarke

What the Font

Manipulate the Mean Worship the repulsive Incubate the weak For chocolate is always beneath the tongueEver thought about how fonts change the look and feel of your written page. Most of us, as I do here, stick with the font that is automatically built in to whatever program you’re using. I have to say I avoid Time New Roman like the plague. I hate it. Generally I go for something with a simpler, clean cut line, like on this page, or Century Gothic. But I do enjoy mucking about with fonts within images and so having a bank of more off the wall fonts is a must.
I was on Language Fonts the other day and decided to download some more exotic creations to add to a piece I was working on from I particularly liked for their graphic quality, the Korean fonts which have, again, very clean lines, almost like mathematical equations. Continue reading What the Font

Know The Not Known

I found this interesting short which is a combination of graffiti, advertising icons, interesting space and one poor Curiosity Rewardedbloke on a chair.
It is part of a campaign to create interest in Tiger Beer and involves a huge web of interactive incitements that will involve their target audience in engaging proactively within the campaign. It is a clever mix of treasure hunt and orienteering using all the digital paraphernalia we have available to us today and a wide range of creative fields. It harnesses digital, outdoor, magazines, media partnerships, PR, trade relations and events. And all turn their talents to directing the target audience to a FaceBook Hub page where their curiosity is rewarded with invites to underground, invite only, Tiger Beer events in pubs across London.

Has anyone been to any of these?

There are supposed to be special edition four pack out this year too for those who are not faint hearted:)

Tiger beer hub page =

Film: The Last Lap – Help!

Over a year ago I took the plunge and decided to try out an MA for size, purely on the grounds that it was self indulgent and dovetailed into the demands of teaching and the changing face of the curriculum (pre-election – of course). Well, I’m delighted to say I have survived so far. I have completed four modules and could drop out now with a commendable Diploma for my troubles. But I feel I need to go on. Get it finished. What an achievement that would be! Bloody hell. An MA. Continue reading Film: The Last Lap – Help!