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Film: The Last Lap – Help!

Over a year ago I took the plunge and decided to try out an MA for size, purely on the grounds that it was self indulgent and dovetailed into the demands of teaching and the changing face of the curriculum (pre-election – of course). Well, I’m delighted to say I have survived so far. I have completed four modules and could drop out now with a commendable Diploma for my troubles. But I feel I need to go on. Get it finished. What an achievement that would be! Bloody hell. An MA. Continue reading Film: The Last Lap – Help!

The Eagle of the Ninth

Delighted to hear that there’s going to be a film made of the Rosemary Sutcliff book, The Eagle of the the Ninth. I remember being totally hooked by this when I first read it – I can’t remember how old I was, early teans?

I’ve lost my original book so I’m buying it again before the film come out in Feb 2011.
This old video clip gives an idea of the book’s themes.

Found Eric yet?

Looking For Eric
Looking For Eric

Looking for Eric – what a gem. I loved this film. It’s beautifully crafted. I don’t know how they catch people reacting to each other so naturally. The central character is the most unlikely hero. He’s certainly not your Alfa Male, but he’s just lovely and he has your sympathy right from the start. I was so frustrated for him with his break down, thoughtless step lads and that shabby, and my god it was shabby, house.

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