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Everyone is looking save their pennies and so I have collected some coupons for products that might come in handy – take a look. They are affiliate links so if you click on them they will help me out too.
Let me know if you think these are useful, and even better, let me know of things you would like to get hold of and I will see if I can get some sort of discount.

Invest In Art - Saatchi Online

This link is to Saatchi Online and here I would encouraging you to take a look at some inspiring new artists. Please do have a wander round as there is so much wonderful talent here we can all aspire to.

Polaroid FotoBar 20% off


Click here for 20% off Polaroid Fotobar taking your photos and transforms them into wall art!
I like this clever idea for using your own photos and turning them into something as unique as a stamp! Sorry – no discount, just clever.
More Ideas for your photos with 20% off 🙂










Mister Art
All the materials you will ever want for whatever creative interest you have – 75% off!


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